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by Evan Marshall

Based in the humble Annapolis valley, Elysian Web Design is a web design agency, specializing in helping companies grow their online businesses.


adjective, often capitalized | ely·sian | \i-ˈli-zhən\

beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect.

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Services Offered

All the latest technologies to get your website noticed. Elysian will work with you to get the solution you need!

Custom Site or Revisions

Have an idea for a logo, blog, or an e-commerce website? Or do you have an existing website which just isn't doing it for you? Whether you need something as simple as a checkout cart added to your online shop or a new fully designed website, Elysian Web Design has got you covered!

Responsive Websites

Cell phones, tablets, phablets, desktops, and laptops. This day and age we are viewing websites on many different screen sizes. Don't make your viewers have to pinch-to-zoom, tap buttons furiously, or even worse; leave your website. I can make your website responsive and look beautiful on all screen sizes.

Custom WordPress

Do you plan on having access to your website files as well as easily making minor edits to your site on your own? Or do you just want your site's driving force to be managed by the world's top and most secure content management systems (CMS) around? I can get you setup on WordPress for your "self maintained blog" or I can build you a fully customized website of your choice using the WordPress CMS. I will also provide consultation services to help with managing website updates on your own.

Analytics & Business Analysis

What is the point of having a beautiful website with lots of traffic, but not knowing who or what type of client is driving said traffic? Even more, why wouldn't you want to know what is and what isn't working for your competition? With Elysian's business solutions, you will not only be in the known with similar companies, but you will also know the specifics of who is viewing your website. Wouldn't it be nice to know what parts of your site your viewers are clicking the most or what age the majority of viewers are?

Social Media Marketing

If your websites doesn't have a presence on social media, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity! My experience working with the top social media application program interfaces (API) will allow your website to be as integrated as you need. As advanced as displaying your Facebook newsfeed on the site or a simple link-to-post on Twitter, Elysian can make it happen!

SEO & Pagespeed

There is nothing worse than clicking on a link to a local coffee shop and waiting for five minutes for the site to load. Yes, we are in the age of, "two seconds is way too long!" and so are your clients. There is quite a bit that goes on, "behind the scenes" to make those great sites load in an instant, and I can make it happen. Perhaps, just as important as speed, is making sure your website is found in a presentable manner using the world's top search engines (i.e. Google). I will make sure your site is easily found as well as looking good when your viewers try to find you.

What people are saying

Just a few of Elysian's great clients who couldn't help but express their love!

“Evan was very quick and we were never waiting on him. If we had a timeline I wanted something to be ready for, he always met it. If there was ever something we disliked or wanted changed, he was so awesome at listening to our concerns, validating them and in a few instances, giving us better ideas than we had ourselves. Evan is so good at what he does and we would highly recommend him for anyone who has professional website development needs.”

Sean Sobey Intermediate Process Engineer at ABM

“Elysian Web Design created a very informative and attractive website for our Gun Club. Evan easily understood our desire to be more visible and built us a professional website. Traffic on our site continues to increase and our Club Membership continues to grow, reaching an all time high last year. Evan is very easy to work with and I would recommend his services.”

David Handspiker Field Service Rep at Roche Diagnostics

“Evan not only created a beautiful looking website, but an easy to navigate, fun and interactive one that went above and beyond. He was so detail oriented. He made it SO easy for our guests to navigate the site and learn everything there was to know about our wedding such as accomodations, information on the venue and how to get to it and other special information that is just to too hard to put on every invitation but things that we needed our guests to know. Thanks Evan for being such an important part to our special day!!”

Tabitha Wells Registered Nurse at IWK Health Centre

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